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Whoever said that being an entrepreneur was easy, is either lying or has never been one. From sleepless nights to chasing almost everybody remotely associated with your venture- be it the vendors or the customers, it is a challenge. A challenge, challenging enough to convince you to go back to the mundane job that you left to “chase your dream”. You either drop everything and find a job that will promise you a steady salary or you tell your brain to shut up and keep moving on.

If you are one of those who have listened to your heart and put a tape on your brain’s mouth, then read on. If you are still reading, that means you have kicked your job’s ass and have caught on the entrepreneur wave. You still endure those sleepless nights and the mini heart-attacks (metaphorically!) are your friends now, who keep visiting. Your human friends have long gone and you have more-or-less become a family person. (What other option do you have anyway? They really don’t have an option to leave you!) You may look for motivation to go on through books, other famous entrepreneur journeys, meditation or traveling, but nothing seems enough. Even your therapist has eventually run out of options!

If you are looking to bring a lit bit of self-motivated joy to your life and the tiny office (or the big one, if you are lucky), we bring to you a variety of merchandise and quirky items for you to use. These everyday items are inspired by everything funny, interesting, inspiring and cool this modern world has. Browse through your favourite items and get on with life!

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