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Pradip Sengupta

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Pradip Sengupta, an artist from Bengal, chose to settle down in the never settled, ever chaotic city of Delhi after completing his MFA in Painting from Tagore’s Viswa Bharati University.  This city of his abode, with its ever changing landscape and diverse socio-political spirit of its inhabitants, gives him the creative fodder that translates into his intriguing and engaging artworks. His reactions and interactions with different people and situations transform into surrealist artworks full of mystery and pun.

Besides the city, he also draws inspiration from his personal fantasies and creates graphical drawings and colourful canvasses full of humour, satire and symbolic representation. A true artist by nature, he loves to listen to Bengali Pop bands and create artworks in traditional and new media. Over the years he had worked in different visual mediums of creative expression, including digital art, animations, video art, but his first love remains painting. His colourful canvasses are part of many prestigious public and private collections around the globe.

With an urge to explore new mediums and an intention to bring his art outside the fixed mental and physical boundaries of traditional art spaces, here is his attempt to give a different surface to his creative drawings.

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