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  • Car Heater Mug with Car or USB Charger - 500ml, Available in Black

    Introducing the Car Heater Mug - the perfect companion for your hot beverage on the go! Whether you're at home, office, or in your car, this mug allows you to keep your tea or coffee hot for long periods of time. It comes with a 12v socket which can be plugged into your car's socket, and the socket can also be converted into a USB plug, making it suitable for use with computers, power banks, or electricity. When plugged through USB port, the mug can keep your hot beverages hot, but when used in a car, it's powerful enough to even make your cold beverage hot! The wire can be separated to use as a regular mug, and the double wall makes it convenient to hold. With a capacity of 500ml, this mug is perfect for your morning or evening brew.