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  • FunsKari Face Mask for Women - With Mask Holders. Set of 5 FFP2 Masks with 5 Layer Protection

    ✅ MASK HOLDER FOR EXTRA COMFORT: We package our masks with Mask holders. These masks holders make wearing of masks amazingly comfortable for your ears.

    ✅ MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Stay protected with FunsKari face mask! Our mask is made using high-end manufacturing technologies, with 5 layers of protection for increased filtration. Our mask can protect you against dust, harmful microorganisms, and airborne allergens in any condition!

    ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: The 5-layer mask is made with melt-blown integrated fabric and cotton blend mesh, which makes the mask super lightweight and soft to touch. Our mask is smooth, breathable, and skin-friendly, ensuring comfortable wear.

    ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Designed to provide you maximum protection, our masks for face are made using anti-pollution filtration technology. With this innovative technology, the mask provides increased protection and moves along with your breathing to maintain an effective filtration.

    ✅ STYLISH DESIGN: Besides being so practical and versatile, our protective face mask has a super chic design! With our fantastic mask, you will stay protected and look stylish at the same time! Pick your favorite flower design or multicolored blend and walk with confidence!

    Welcome to world of FunsKari, a brand from the house of YuBingo. It is time to be FunsKari with this cool designer printed FFP2 mask with assorted design. These masks come with mask holders which will make you feel relaxed. Mask holders offer comfort to your ears. Designer printed masks are crafted with special With Mask Holders. Set of 3 FFP2 Masks with 5 Layer Protection At FunsKari, we always put your safety and health first. That is why we are committed to offer you high-end products, made with top-quality and safe materials, to satisfy your needs and deliver as per your expectations. Our premium face masks are the perfect accessory that is guaranteed to keep you protected and safe! The masks are made using a high-end filtration technology, that provides 5 layers for increased protection against dust particles, airborne allergens, and other harmful microorganisms. Made with top-quality fabric, combined with cotton mesh, these masks are skin-friendly and soft to touch. Also, the material is lightweight and highly breathable, ensuring maximum comfort so you can breathe properly. The multicolored design will make you look stylish while making sure you are protected against external factors. Pick your favorite design and reused if you need it because our masks can be washed and reused, without losing the protection and filtration properties. These premium face masks offer 5-layer protection and made using innovation filtration technology. These are produced using top-quality fabric and cotton mesh with ultra-soft and skin-friendly lining. These masks are lightweight and breathable and comfortable to wear. These masks offer protection against dust particles, airborne allergens, and harmful microorganisms. Includes aluminum nose strip with multicolored design and are washable and reusable. The masks are disinfected and sterilized before dispatched and offer perfect fit.