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Music Girl Mask

  • CUSTOM PRINTED FOR YOU : This "Music Girl" Mask is printed specially for you. Stay Safe and Stylish with this washable and resuable Mask.
    THREE LAYERS FOR SAFETY: This 3 layer mask is made with safety and comfort in mind. The inner and central layer are made of 100% cotton. Outer later is made of polynet, to ensure print looks very good.
    4C ELASTIC FOR COMFORT : The Elastic used is high quality 4C Elastic, which is broader and makes it comfortable wearing. The Elasticity of 4C Elastic is longer.
    PERFECT SIZE : This "Music Girl" custom printed Mask is approx 18Cm in Width 11 Cm in Height, which helps in covering the mouth and nose comfortably .
    WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: This personalised mask is washable and resuable. Wash it in cold water with mild detergents.
    MADE TO ORDER : This stylish mask is from our "Comics/Cartoons" collection and will be made for you within 24 hours after you place the order.


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